Motivational Speaker

Mr. Kanja is an inspiring Kenyan motivational speaker. He has conducted many training programs for the corporate sector and student community


Kanja’s books have inspired many. He is well known for his motivational and inspirational literature . his other works include insightful book reviews and informative articles on life and topics of growing concern.

Life Coach & Trainer

Get your life back on track with holistic life coaching services of Kanja. Services include personal affirmation and encouragement, mental clarity and confidence, conflict resolution, and more.


About Kanja

As a Motivational coach Samuel Kanja loves delivering high-energy keynotes that show audiences how to achieve twice as much in half the time after they realize their potential in their contexts. He does as much to ignite the spark in people so as to approach life in more fruitful ways. He is lead by: Principles, Passion and Purpose. His goal in every delivery is to challenge the mind of recipients to Think about Best Principles, Sustainable Passion & Life Fulfilling Purpose!

Having established himself as versatile and influential motivational speaker for almost a decade, he has been engaged actively by leading organizations and institutions in Kenya as a key note speaker in topics of growing concern


Motivational & Keynote talks


Career Guidance Sessions


Successful Peer Guidance & counseling Sessions

My Books


  • Motivatinal Talk

    Kanja Life Coaches shall empower you through the inspirational words of one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers in Kenya. With 9 years of experience in leadership

  • Career Guidance

    This involves providing adequate information on various occupations and areas in which ones education and skills can be utilized as a means of generating income or improving lives of individuals and community as  a whole.

  • Staff Training

    The primary purpose of organization training is to provide the skills employees need to make your business better overall.

  • Personal Development

    Personal development is all about INVESTING in oneself so that one gets equipped to inspire, share and empower others. It is a difficult task to touch lives if you do not have a personal touch with yourself.

  • Team Building

    Reconnect your team with its purpose and passion with an active day of capacity building in your team.

  • Seminars & Workshops

    This is a program that brings people with common interest together for further empowerment.

  • Entrepreneurship Skills Training

    Creativity, ingenuity and a good sense of the market are but a few of the characteristics required for a successful entrepreneurship and can be ignited by highly sought out successful entrepreneur speaker.

You are welcome to contact Kanja for bookings and any inquiries.

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